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Variety Bundle | Elderberry Syrup Kit | Golden Sea Moss | Soursop Tea Leaves


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2 of our most popular products PLUS an exclusive Soursop Leaf package!


  • A Premium Blend Organic Elderberry Syrup Kit - makes 16oz syrup
  • A Golden Sea Moss - makes 16oz gel
  • Exclusive Soursop Leaves- makes approx. 6-8 cups of tea 


 It's very simple and quite fun to make your own powerful SEA MOSS GEL at home!
Simply soak the dried moss overnight in water.
Rinse and blend in a high speed blender with new, fresh water.
Store in the fridge for up to 3 weeks -- freeze for up to 6 months 

Why take Elderberry Syrup?
Our proprietary blend of herbs + spices provides a powerful boost to your immune system and tastes delicious too! We like to call it a powerful blend with a delicious end. 

 Soursop Leaves are incredibly beneficial for the body! 

Our soursop leaves are harvested by local islanders in St. Lucia, where all of our sea moss comes from too! They are grown in their natural environment and habitat and harvested ethically and responsibly.

They are known to fight free radical, improve metabolism and possess anti-inflammatory effects. 
Drink before bed to support a full nights rest and deep sleep.

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