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Coffee | Moss-Shroom | Freeze Dried Instant Black Coffee


Earthy & robust tasting, low acid Organic Fair Trade Freeze Dried Arabica Coffee perfectly blended with Raw Sea Moss & Duel Extracted Mushrooms to give you a Superfood Coffee like nothing you've ever tasted or experienced before. (And trust us, it's delicious!)We call it......|Moss-Shroom| Coffee- Contains 1500mg blend of Chaga, Lions Mane, Reishi & Cordyceps mushrooms & Raw Sea Moss, along with 60mg of caffeine giving you the energy without the jitters & crash.- Increase Focus, Mood, Energy & Stamina by incorporating sea moss + mushrooms into your coffee routine.- Vegan, Whole 30, Paleo & Fasting Friendly- Drink it black, enjoy it while fasting, or add your favorite cream & sweetener. - Simply mix with water or milk | Enjoy hot or iced- Contains 24 Instant Brew Servings

Incredible Health Benefits that come with Sea Moss & Mushrooms:- Reduce Inflammation
- Sustained Energy- Improve Digestion- No Jitters + Crash- Less Anxiety- Immune Support- Mental Clarity & Memory
Freeze Dried vs Instant Coffee:We use Fair Trade Arabica Coffee that is brewed then freeze-dried to preserve its fragile flavor compounds. Other instant coffees are spray-dried with high-heat & chemicals, which makes them have a bitter, acidic taste and negative impact on your body. We provide only the best!
Ingredients:Organic Fair-Trade Freeze-Dried Arabica Coffee, Lions Mane Extract, Reishi Extract, Chaga Extract, Cordyceps Extract, Raw Wildcrafted Sea Moss PowderHow to Enjoy:
Add 1 scoop to 8 ounces of hot/cold water or milk. Stir & add sweetener or cream if desired!We believe the quality, sourcing & integrity that goes into making a cup of coffee truly matters. Our family owned & operated company has high standards and we provide only the best! Enjoy every delicious & nourishing sip knowing it was made with you in mind!

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