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Sea Moss Gummies


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Only 3 Ingredients:
- Raw Wildcrafted Sea Moss
- Fruit Juice
- Small amount of Coconut Sugar

60 Gummies = 30 Adult Servings/60 Children Servings
Each adult serving = 800mg Raw Wildcrafted Sea Moss
Each child serving = 400mg Raw Wildcrafted Sea Moss


With only 3 ingredients, our sea moss gummies are a delicious way to get your daily boost of minerals! 
Only 1g of sugar per gummy keeps them lightly sweetened and a favorite for the entire family! No nasty natural flavors, harmful food dyes or artificial sweeteners in ANY of our products! We provide only the BEST for our customers, and we are proud of that! 

- Increase your energy & boost your mood.
- Improve your digestion and provide overall balance.
- Support your skin, hair and nail growth.
All of these benefits and MORE come by providing your body the essential minerals it needs. Wildcrafted Raw Sea Moss contains 92 of the essential minerals your body needs to thrive, you will also notice:- Improved Sleep- Thyroid Support
- Immune Boost
- Reduced Inflammation
- Improved Memory
- Bowel Support
- Insulin Regulation- Improve Metabolism- Reduce CravingsAdults enjoy 2 gummies and children enjoy 1 as a part of their daily routine to strengthen and support their bodies! Skin + Hair + Nail
Ingredients: Raw Wildcrafted Sea Moss, Passionfruit Puree, Cane Sugar
Thinning hair? Combination skin & acne?Eczema, dry skin or overall skin issues that just don't seem to improve?Brittle nails that won't grow?
This is the simple solution you're looking for!
Passion fruit is known to provide a glowing effect and further support the overall appearance and health of skin, hair and nails. It is the perfect complement to our Raw Sea Moss to provide that extra boost for skin, hair and nail growth!This powerful combination of RAW SEA MOSS + PASSION FRUIT PUREE means you will be noticing your skin is softer and nails are stronger, and your hair is growing thicker and fuller! (And you bet others will be noticing too, and probably asking why you're glowing!) 
Digestion + Balance
Ingredients: Raw Wildcrafted Sea Moss, Pineapple Juice, Cane Sugar
Irregularity and constipation causing you discomfort?Bloating, cramping and indigestion? Is your child complaining of a belly ache often?Looking for overall balance for your health?
This is the simple solution you're looking for!Pineapple has been used for centuries to improve digestion with naturally occurring enzymes that provide additional support to the body. It was an easy choice to pair with our Raw Sea Moss to provide even more digestive support and balance! This powerful combination of RAW SEA MOSS + PINEAPPLE PUREE means your body will be getting the ample supply of minerals, pre-biotics and enzymes it needs to be balanced and healthy! Energy + Mood
Ingredients: Raw Wildcrafted Sea Moss, Orange Juice, Cane Sugar
Looking to improve your mood without synthetic drugs?How about a boost of energy for your afternoon to avoid the slump?Wanting to find overall balance for your health?
This is the simple solution you're looking for!We like to think of this as "Sunshine in a Bottle." Oranges are high in Vitamin C and often thought of helping boost your immune system (which is true.) But it is also really great for giving your body a little extra kick of energy!  This powerhouse combo of RAW SEA MOSS + ORANGE JUICE means your body will be getting energized from a source that doesn't come with jitters or a crash. Because Sea Moss balances hormones and reduces inflammation, you can enjoy the benefits of being in a better mood too!