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Small Elderberry Syrup kit | Makes 16oz


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*This is an add on item only*

Elderberry Syrup - Makes 16oz DIY Premium Kit - Organic ingredients

• Makes approximately 16oz
• Easy to follow stove top + instant pot instructions included
• Brewing bag included in every kit
• Echinacea and rose hips added to provide added immune supporting properties
• Contents of each package has approximately 1/2 cup of ingredients

This Elderberry Syrup Kit will make approximately 16 ounces of delicious elderberry syrup, when prepared according to the included instructions. We are proud to use only the finest organic, nonGMO ingredients to assemble our Elderberry Syrup DIY Kits. We've done all the measuring for you.
*honey is not provided in kits

Our economical and easy-to-use Do It Yourself packets make it simple. Keep a bottle prepared and in the refrigerator, enjoying a tablespoon each day. Preparation takes little effort and time. (Kits are shelf stable for 1 year)

We are a licensed retailer.

Ingredients: organic elderberries (sambusuc nigra), organic rosehips, organic echinacea angustifoli, organic ginger root, organic cinnamon, and organic cloves.

Each package is heat sealed and packaged in a licensed kitchen.

Ages 12m-2 yrs: 1-2 tsp daily. When ill: 2-4 tsp twice a day.
Ages 3 yrs-adult: 1 TB daily. When ill: 2-4 TB twice a day.

*Consistency more like juice than syrup.
*Prices subject to change due to supply.
*Packaging may vary.

Most commercial Elderberry syrups contain unnecessary preservatives and contain added sweeteners, "natural flavoring" and food dye. Avoid all of those by making it yourself!