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Original Blend | 16oz kit | 2 PACK


We call this our "Now & Later" pack! One 16 ounce kit of our original blend to make NOW & one to make LATER! Ideal for single or small households.

  • Easy to follow instructions- Instant Pot instructions included!
  • Brewing bag included to keep mess to a minimum!
  • Economical to save you money!
  • Makes approximately 16 ounces... twice!
  • Only the finest, non GMO, organic, non irradiated ingredients

A Powerful Blend + A Delicious End

Our kit comes with all of the dry ingredients, brewing bag and instructions to make your very own organic elderberry syrup at home. (Honey NOT included).

One of the many benefits of making this yourself is the ability to customize the recipe!
Create a vegan recipe by sweetening with maple syrup.
Make it paleo friendly by leaving unsweetened! 

Most commercial Elderberry syrups contain unnecessary preservatives and added sweeteners, "natural flavoring" and food dye. Avoid all of those by making it yourself! And save money!

Once prepared, the syrup is good for 6-8 weeks in the fridge.

Ages 12m-2 yrs: 1-2 tsp daily. When ill: 2-4 tsp twice a day.
Ages 3 yrs-adult: 1 TB daily. When ill: 2-4 TB twice a day. 

Ingredients: organic elderberries (sambusuc nigra), organic rosehips, organic echinacea angustifoli, organic ginger root, organic ceylon cinnamon chips, and organic cloves.

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