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Holly's Health Journey

At the age of 23 I found myself in bed, exhausted, feeling unable to accomplish simple everyday tasks. I had recently had 3 knee surgeries and a heart surgery (in a 3 month period) bringing my total to 7 vericose vein knee surgeries.
Due to excessive prescription drug and pain medications and the Standard American Diet, my body was inflammed, I was unable to eat without feeling sick, my skin had broken out in terrible boils and I was watching my life through a lense of regret and pain. I couldn't imagine living the rest of my life like this. There had to be a better way. 

Hearing time and time again that the only solution was to "try another antibiotic or steroid" I left my doctors office one day and made a choice to heal my body, to live whole and to learn what it means to be healthy. 

The journey that followed was full of discovering so much truth and beauty about our bodies and health. I learned about food in a whole new way. I connected with my body and realized all the ways I had hurt it and how to listen to the symptoms as "cries for help" rather than inconveniences to my agenda and calendar. 
I read countless books, spent hours and hours researching and listening to podcasts and I learned how to both nourish and nurture my body.

On the one year anniversary of my heart surgery, I ran my very first half marathon. I discovered what exercise does for the lymphatic system and it was incredibly healing for me to run and move my body that way! 

To this day my doctors and family and friends stand amazed that I was able to not only heal my body but completely reverse my lifestyle. I went from being sick and stuck in bed to running and living whole and healthy and free! 

Ever since that day, I have been on a journey of discovering how to support our bodies holistically. Everything I have learned has been through books, podcasts, hours and hours of research and most importantly, listening to my body. 

This journey of health has been full of gifts along the way. 2 healthy and beautiful pregnancies and unmedicated births, including a water birth. Helping my husband heal his body from chronic inflammation and migraines. He went from spending days in bed debilitated from pain to enjoying activities with our kids and now running our company with energy and vitality! Our children have also had their own experiences of healing and it's a beautiful gift to learn with them and teach them what it means to heal and live whole.

Our families health journey has given us a passion to help those who feel the heaviness that can often come with sickness and illness. We were made to heal.

Our bodies are incredible and beautiful and when we support them, they respond in magnificent ways. It's all about how we choose to listen to those "symptoms" and how we respond. 

Our products support your body as it heals.
Our products empower you to get back to living life with energy and vitality!
Our products are a reflection of the passion we have to support others to live healed and enjoy life as the gift it was made to be!

Thank you for letting us be a part of your health journey and trusting us to provide a quality product.