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Our wide selection of products includes Wildcrafted Sea Moss, Organic Elderberry Syrup kits, & much more!

Super Ingredients For You & Your Family. Our Ingredients Are Organic, Non-GMO, & Non Irradiated

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Boosts your immune system and improves overall health.


Rich in antioxidants and supports a healthy immune system.


Shown to improve immunity, anxiety, heart health & inflammation.

Raw Sea Moss

Provides essential minerals for optimal performance.


Effective for lowering blood sugar and fighting infections.


Fights free radicals, parasites and bacteria in the body.


Fights germs, provides better digestion, and helps reduce pain.


Antibacterial properties that are effective against oral pathogens

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Great great product!

I had previously bought syrup that was already made from another specialty retailer for over double the price. Came across this product and was incredible happy with the ease of this process! I did separate the berries and soak them until they became soft like I’ve read elsewhere before cooking but followed directions exactly and squeezed the life out of everything and adding the honey it came out to exactly 32oz! Very pleased! Tastes exactly like the specialty retailer! Thanks so much!!

Kim M.

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gives your immune system a fighting chance

I've been buying already made elderberry syrup, but that sure can add up. I have researched different recipes for this syrup, but I have found that this kit saves me money and time as it already has all the ingredients. Super easy to make, and delicious, and most important it's all organic. My whole family takes it, and it also helps my 3 year old with constipation. Your body is amazing at fighting viruses and bacteria, if you give it the tools it needs. =)

Marta W.

  • Verified Buyer

Wonderful Product

I love this elderberry syrup kit! I have bought it several times and like to keep a kit on hand for when we get a cold and really need it. The taste is great, and I like that there is echinacea tea and other immune boosting herbs. I split this in half and use a cheesecloth for the second batch (since it's cheaper than buying the 2 16 oz pack). It's so much better tasting and healthier than store bought syrups that are mostly glucose syrup. It's very easy to make in an instant pot. The only downside is that because it's all natural it will not last as long if you don't drink it every day and it needs to be stored in the fridge.

Kristin A.

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Our family owned company has a big heart....

with high standards and big dreams. Our values, integrity and dedication is reflected in every step of the process. From sourcing and harvesting to printing and packaging, we are proud of the ways we do business, care for our team members and give back to our local community.

We own and operate this company as we cultivate our 10 acre homestead and homeschool our children. We are loving this journey & all that we are learning along the way!

Thank you for trusting us to provide a quality product and letting us be a part of your health journey!
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Our little company has a big heart, with high standards and big dreams. Thank you for joining us on this journey. We own and operate this company as we cultivate our 10 acre homestead complete with chickens, ducks & peacocks and home-school our children. We are loving this journey and all that we are learning along the way!
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