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Red Latte | Powered with Beets | Freeze Dried Instant Beverage





We crafted this latte for all you health enthusiasts! 
A creamy latte that has real cacao + mushrooms + beets means your superfood latte just went to the next level!
It's blended perfectly with coconut milk and MCT oil plus just the right
 amount of coconut sugar so you can enjoy a yummy latte without the heaviness of cane sugar and sweetness.

Make your own barista style latte in the comfort of your own home, in the office, or on your next travel adventure! Enjoy every sip knowing it was made with you in mind!
  • 8 Ready to Drink Servings

  • Mix with Water or Milk & Enjoy Hot or Iced

  • Real Cacao = Real Nutrients

  • Zero preservatives, oil or stabalizers

  • Caffeine Free

Easy to Enjoy

Add 3 scoops to 8 ounces of hot water or milk and stir.

If you like an extra creamy & sweet latte, add sweetener or additional cream.

Drink & enjoy!

Pro tip- Use a frother when adding to water/milk. You know, that extra froth just brings a whole new element to a cup. We offer a beautiful Elderwise Organics frother for our customers to purchase!

Superfood Ingredients

Coconut Milk Powder*, Beet Juice Powder*, Cacao Powder*, Coconut Sugar*, MCT Oil Powder*, Reishi Mushroom Extract*, Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract*, Chaga Mushroom Extract*, Vanilla Powder.


Real Cacao vs Cocoa Powder

Real Cacao Powder:

- Has not been chemically or high heat processed keeping nutrients and minerals high

Cocoa Powder:

- Chemical processing and high heat destroys nutrients. 

No Sludge in Your Mug

Our beets are juiced and freeze dried instead of cooked and powdered- this means your last few sips won't be thick and gritty- just smooth and delicious! 

  • Responsibly Sourced

    Ethical Farming & Fair Wages for Farmers

  • Organic Ingredients

    Never Compromising on Quality

  • Family Owned & Operated 

    Integrity, Passion, Value & Trust

The COFFEE ALTERNATIVE You've Been Looking For

Contains a powerful blend of dairy free ingredients to provide focus, support & energy. These components are what provide balance for the body and avoid the inflammation. 


By adding beets to your daily routine, you're providing your body with the essentials needed to live your most vibrant and healthy life!

No Caffeine

Free of pesticides and tested for toxins! Enjoy a delicious latte and know your body is getting only clean, vibrant energy!

8 Easy to Mix Servings
Simply mix with water or milk for an invigorating latte. Add extra cream and sweetener for a more indulgent drink. And if you're feeling really creative, add a shake or two of cinnamon for a whole new twist!
Nothing Artificial

Only real, wholesome, nourishing ingredients to give you the energy you need & the quality you look for.

No Sludge in Your mug

We don't cut corners on quality and you are sure to experience that when you enjoy this latte mix! Your last sips won't be thick and goopy, only smooth and delicious! 

The trusted superfoods company

Our Family Owned & Operated Company has high standards & they are reflected in every step of the process. From sourcing & packing to printing & shipping, we value integrity for every single part of the process. We care about our customers, our team members and our community and give a portion of sales to charities making our world a better place.

Packed by People

We choose to employ people vs machines to hand package our products with care. 


We proudly do all of our printing, packing & shipping here in America.

No junk
Only the highest quality ingredients we would give to our own family & friends.
High Standards
We are trusted for a reason. Our customers know we don't settle or cut corners on ingredients.
Save Money
We love saving our customers money and we are proud of our quality and pricing!
Community Focused

We generously give to charities in our community.

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