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Full Spectrum Sea Moss
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Full Spectrum Sea Moss





Our Full Spectrum Sea Moss is the most nutrient dense of all our varieties. It contains the most phytonutrients as it has a combination of gold, purple & aqua together! This means your brain, heart & lungs are going to get a boost!

However, it also has a bold taste and flavor profile and is ideal for the more experienced Sea Moss users, those who don't mind a strong taste or those who will be adding it to smoothies (as this is the easiest way to mask the taste.)

Our Sea Moss is specifically WILDCRAFTED, meaning it's grown in its most organic and naturally occurring environment, not farmed or pool raised. This ensures it is full of nutrients and minerals as well as harvested ethically and responsibly.

Adding Sea Moss to your everyday routine will ensure your body is getting the essential minerals it needs for you to live the vibrant and healthy life you want and give you the energy you need.

  • Plant Based Minerals

  • Blend into smoothies for added minerals & nutrients.

  • Bold Taste & Noticeable Smell

  •  Lab Tested & Free of Heavy Metals

  • Value Size = Most Cost Effective

How to Easily Make Sea Moss Gel

In 3 simple steps, you're able to make your own Superfood SEA MOSS GEL at home!

1) Soak the sun-dried moss overnight in water. (It will expand 4-5 times it's size. If you have kids, it's a fun experiment & a learning opportunity!)

Rinse in fresh water.

3) Blend with fresh water in a high-speed blender with new, fresh water.

- Store in the fridge for up to 3 weeks -- freeze for up to 6 months

Some prefer a thick gel, which is what our recipe makes.

If you prefer a more thin gel which is easier to stir into coffee/tea, simply add more water when blending. When you make it yourself, you get to make it exactly how you like it!

What Set's Our Sea Moss Apart

We work closely with the islanders and we are so proud to say our Wildcrafted Sea Moss is the best available.

What Makes it The Best?
- Ethically harvested by hand by hardworking islanders who are passionate about respecting the oceans ecosystem and practicing responsible methods.
- Sun dried, never chemically treated

- Certified Wildcrafted, meaning it is never pool grown

- Harvested from pristine, marine protected waters to ensure the cleanest growing environment and least amount of contaminants.

- Lab tested to be clean and pure from heavy metals & toxins

- Packed with love here in the USA by people who care about holistic living!

How To Enjoy & Add Flavors

Adding Sea Moss Gel to your everyday meals & drinks is easy and effortless.

Simply add a serving to:


- Oatmeal, Yogurt, Applesauce

How to Flavor:

You can also blend it with Organic Elderberry Syrup (instead of water) to add an immune boost and a delicious taste that makes it easy to take right off the spoon!

Add a cup of fresh or frozen (be sure it's thawed) fruit when blending to add delicious taste and added nutritional value.

Some of our favorites are:

- Mangos

- Strawberries

- Pineapple

and add a bit of honey if you like it even more sweet!

*Be sure to note that adding Elderberry Syrup or fruit to your Sea Moss Gel does make it more prone to spoilage. We suggest consuming it within 2-3 weeks. You can certainly freeze it for up to 6 months but once thawed, it will need to be enjoyed within 2-3 weeks.

It is recommeded that adults consume 1-2 Tablespoons a day & children consume 1-2 teaspoons.

Each bag contains approx 50 adult servings and 150 children servings.

Which Sea Moss is Best for Me?

Golden Sea Moss:
- Perfect for first time users & those who are sensitive to smells & taste.
- Easiest to incorporate into coffee/tea, oatmeal, soups, or take straight off the spoon.
- Tasteless & Odorless as Gel
- Easy to blend with fruit or Elderberry Syrup to make a delicious gel.
- Contains 92 of the essential minerals our bodies need to function at optimal health & energy levels. 

- Available in Value Size as well (makes 65oz of gel)

Purple Sea Moss:
- Ideal for experienced sea moss users looking to venture into deeper waters. (pun intended) Also, those who have a more mature taste pallet and anyone looking to use in smoothies or flavored with fruit/elderberry syrup. 

- Easy to add to smoothies as the taste will be masked by added flavors
- Subtle Taste & Noticeable Aroma - not unpleasant but noticeable
- Can be combined with fruit or Elderberry Syrup to mask it's subtle flavor.

- Contains both essential minerals as well as anthocyanins to further support heart, eye & blood vessel health as well as a stronger immune system.

Full- Spectrum Sea Moss:
- Ideal for those who want the most nutrient dense version of gel and don't mind a strong taste profile. Recommened for those looking to make a larger batch as we sell this exclusively in the value size. 
- This is grown as a hybrid sea moss where the gold and purple & aqua are grown together and intermixed. It produces a powerhouse gel that packs a punch!
- Still has all of the mineral content and an increased amount of anthocyanins that also support brain health.
- The strongest taste profile of the gels.

Why Make My Own Gel?

No Questionable Ingredients:

Pre-made gel is often made with tap water that is unfiltered and chlorinated. 
Also, flavors, fruits and sugars are used to mask the smell and flavor of poor quality sea moss on the market. Know exactly what is in your gel and have peace of mind knowing our sea moss is the highest quality available.

Save Money:

When it's as easy as SOAK, RINSE, BLEND, why not save money and make it yourself? You pay half the price vs buying pre made gel. And...we know, things taste better when you know you got a good deal on it. Enjoy that extra tastiness of savings!

Be Connected To Your Food:
We were made to hunt and gather, to be a part of the making process and to be more connected to our food as a whole. Being able to see your sea moss transform from sun dried to growing 4x it's size to blending to gel, gives you an appreciation for the process and gives you a connection that you won't get when you simply buy the gel pre made. 
Experience the transformation of sea moss and all of the incredible benefits that come with incorporating it into your daily routine by simply making it yourself!

  • A Fraction of the Cost

    vs Buying Pre-Made Gel

  • Easily Make Your Own Gel

    in 3 Simple Steps

  • Fresh is Best

    No Preservatives or Chlorinated Water

"You can trace every sickness, every disease, every ailment to a mineral deficiency." 𝘋𝘳. 𝘓𝘪𝘯𝘶𝘴 𝘗𝘢𝘶𝘭𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘗𝘩𝘋

The Solution You've Been Looking For
Thyroid Support

Rich in iodine thereby increasing proper hormone levels and repairs damaged cells.

high in fiber

Increased metabolism and a decrease in cravings resulting in weight loss.

skin + hair + nails

Significant increase in growth and health. Can also be used as a face mask to balance skin.

Digestive Health
Prebiotic to support healthy gut bacteria and promote regularity and overall digestion.
Immune boost

Minerals aid in reducing overall inflammation and improving general health.

OTher Benefits

Fertility, blood pressure control, insulin regulation, metabolism, and overall energy.

The trusted superfoods company

Our Family Owned & Operated Company has high standards & they are reflected in every step of the process. From sourcing & packing to printing & shipping, we value integrity for every single part of the process. We care about our customers, our team members and our community and give a portion of sales to charities making our world a better place.

Packed by People

We choose to employ people vs machines to hand package our products with care. 


We proudly do all of our printing, packing & shipping here in America.

No junk
Only the highest quality ingredients we would give to our own family & friends.
High Standards
We are trusted for a reason. Our customers know we don't settle or cut corners on ingredients.
Save Money
We love saving our customers money and we are proud of our quality and pricing!
Community Focused

We generously give to charities in our community.

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